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(Skills-future approved)Jolly Grammar Training Programme

  • Curious Thoughts Academy 261 Waterloo Street, #03-33 Singapore, 180261 Singapore (map)
Skills Future Jolly Phonics Training Programme

Skills Future Jolly Phonics Training Programme

Calling all parents and teachers!🙋 

Interested in playing an active role in teaching your kids a good grammar foundation? Keen to upgrade your teaching skills and to help your students more effectively through a structured and proven framework? 😍

Jolly Grammar is a comprehensive 6 years programme which continues throughout the school years. It extends the earlier Jolly phonics teaching with further spelling, grammar and punctuation concepts. Children are taught the core concepts of grammar and punctuation, starting with simple age-appropriate definitions, which are gradually built on with each year of teaching. The teaching continues to be multi-sensory with actions and colour coding (in accordance to evidence-based research) for parts of speech to help children develop their understanding of how language works. The systematic programme means children are given the tools that they need, to independently write what they want, clearly and with expression.

Learn how you can use Jolly Grammar in alignment with the MOE Primary School Syllabus. Make learning Grammar fun!

❤️This workshop is designed for Pre-school, Primary Teachers & Parents to provide a full understanding of the Jolly Grammar 1-4 Methodology.

❤️ [16 PD hours for preschool teachers]

❤️ This is the ONLY Jolly Grammar workshop in Singapore conducted by a NIE-trained, former MOE teacher. Get clear insights on how to structure your lessons and bridge it to the MOE curriculum to be ready for Primary 1.

❤️ This is the ONLY workshop that is conducted by a trainer who teaches on a weekly basis in a classroom environment. Receive real-life anecdotes on how to deal with challenging teaching situations and learning difficulties.

❤️ This is the ONLY workshop in Singapore conducted by a Teacher-trainer who has used Jolly Grammar on children from a wide spectrum: children with learning difficulties, ASD and intellectual disabilities.

Dates: 12 and 13 September 2019 (Thursday and Friday)

Venue: 261 Waterloo Street, #03-33, Singapore 180261

Cost fees: $0 (after $500 Skills Future Subsidy), inclusive of lunch. Total course fee is 500SGD. If you have utilised part of your Skills Future, the balance can be made through NETS/ GRAB/ Paynow/ Bank Transfer.

Contact 62502595 or 96600568 or email to register for this workshop.

Jump straight to registration form here (online sign-up).


Training Details:

✅<Who can attend>

Teachers, Parents, Tutors, Special educators. Participants should have attended a Jolly Phonics course previously.

✅<What we cover>

Part 1. Grammar rules:
1) Introduction of Parts of Speech - Noun, Pronoun, Verb, Adjective, Adverb, Preposition & Conjunction.
2) Types of Nouns - common, proper, concrete, abstract, collective, singular-plural.
3) Types of pronouns
4) Types of Adjectives, Adverbs etc
5) Types of verbs & "to be" verb etc.
6) Tenses
7) Parsing, Homophones, word pyramid, types of sentences
8) Punctuation

Part 2. Spelling strategies:
9) Complexities of English Alphabetic Code
10) Detailed information on 20 Vowel sounds & 24 vowel sounds and 144 ways to writing these sounds.
11) Etymology and Syllable Division
12) Root words, prefixes, suffixes & schwa sound.

Part 3. Vocabulary strategies:
13) Synonym and Antonymns
14) Onomatopoeia

Part 4. Using Jolly Grammar to complement MOE Syllabus:
15) Correlation of writing and grammar
16) Stages of writing development & Proof reading
17) Correlation of grammar and comprehension
18) Types of comprehensions and detailed discussion of comprehension strategies.

Part 5. Creating a Jolly Grammar Lesson Plan and planning your classroom teaching:
19) Lesson plan
20) Presentation - by participants

✅<What will you take away>

Jolly Grammar Certificate of Attendance

✅<Facilities at our Training Centre>

Please bring a jacket as it might be cold depending on where you sit. Breastfeeding mums have access to a private corner with an electrical plug. We also have a full fridge with a freezer..

About the trainer:

Yao Shuohan.jpg

Mr Yao Shuohan obtained a Bachelor of Arts Degree (Honours) in History (major) and English Language (minor) from the National University of Singapore in 2008. He is NIE-trained and is a former teacher of Swiss Cottage Secondary, Riverside Secondary and St.Joseph's Institution. He has taught thousands of students in Singapore and conducted many English and Phonics workshops in Singapore. Mr Yao is trained in Orton-Gillingham at the Associate Level and is currently an Associate in Training under the Blosser Centre (AOGPE), mentored by Fellow Laurie Cuddy. He is also a certified Smalltalk practitioner.

Mr Yao has been teaching for 10 years and has a knack for making lessons comes alive through drama, stories and games. As the Principal of Curious Thoughts Academy, he oversees the Phonics and English Curriculum in the school. He is sought-after in Singapore for coaching ESL students who come to Singapore with a weak grasp of English, turning them into confident English speakers and writers. 


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