From Left: Straits Times article featuring the founders on 10 Sep 2017

From Left: Straits Times article featuring the founders on 10 Sep 2017

Curious Thoughts Academy is a registered Social Enterprise by Lydia Lok and Yao Shuohan, supported by Singapore Centre for Social Enterprise (raiSE). raiSE is a cross-sector collaboration between the Ministry of Social and Family Development, National Council of Social Service, Social Enterprise Association and Tote Board.

We are the only Phonics centre in Singapore that is also trained to provide Dyslexia intervention and therapy. Students attend our classes to learn to read through Jolly Phonics and are screened for Dyslexia if needed. If they are Dyslexic, we then provide them with 1-1 Orton Gillingham lessons.

Lydia oversees the Jolly Phonics programme and Shuohan specialises in the Primary and Secondary curriculum based on the MOE syllabus. 


Lydia Lok (Founder and Director)

Teacher Lydia obtained a Bachelor of Social Science Degree (Honours) in Political Science (major) and English Language (minor) from the National University of Singapore in 2008. Many years ago, she left her job as a Government Policy Officer to teach Jolly Phonics to young children and has never looked back. Teacher Lydia is trained in Orton-Gillingham at the Associate Level and is currently an Associate in Training under the Blosser Centre (AOGPE). She is also certified as a 3A Affiliate Trainer by the University of Melbourne for the Abecedarian approach (used by ECDA), a certified Smalltalk practitioner and a professionally-certified Victoria Carlton Jolly Phonics teacher. Teacher Lydia has written two books- "Where is Dan?" and "Who is Koko?" which have been distributed to over 700 children and is used as a teaching aid in local primary schools. She has also appeared on Channel 8’s Morning Express, 93.8FM's Talking Books with Michelle Martin, The Straits Times and The New York Times Style Magazine (T Magazine).

Teacher Lydia believes in life-long learning and continuous professional development.


Yao Shuohan (Principal)

Teacher Shuohan obtained a Bachelor of Arts Degree (Honours) in History (major) and English Language (minor) from the National University of Singapore in 2008. He is NIE-trained and is a former teacher of Swiss Cottage Secondary, Riverside Secondary and St.Joseph's Institution. Teacher Shuohan is trained in Orton-Gillingham at the Associate Level and is currently an Associate in Training under the Blosser Centre (AOGPE). Teacher Shuohan is also a certified Smalltalk practitioner.

Teacher Shuohan has been teaching for 10 years and has a knack for making lessons comes alive through drama, stories and games. He now teaches English Language, English Literature, History and Social Studies. He is sought-after in Singapore for coaching ESL students who come to Singapore with a weak grasp of English, turning them into confident English speakers and writers. When he is not teaching, Teacher Shuohan loves an engaging round of boardgames as well as an evening of chilling with his fluffy Shetland Sheepdog Lemon. 

Pearl Goh.jpg

Pearl Goh (Manager, Teaching and Marketing)

Teacher Pearl (B.B.A, National University of Singapore) is our centre’s most well-loved teacher! With more than 8 years of teaching under her belt, Teacher Pearl is trained in Orton-Gillingham at the Associate Level and is currently an Associate in Training under the Blosser Centre (AOGPE). She is also a certified Jolly Phonics teacher, a certified Smalltalk practitioner, and a certified educator of right brain development. She is passionate about early childhood education and was formerly from Heguru Education, My First Skool and Little Skool House. 

Teacher Pearl enjoys playing and learning with children and she strongly believes that learning should be an enjoyable experience for all. She lives by one of her favourite quotes of all time: "If a child can't learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn". Teacher Pearl believes that the foundation of a good education is understanding how each unique child learns and grows. Valuable learning can only be created when learning experiences are based on their learning styles. During her free time, Teacher Pearl loves to volunteer with children, or go on outdoor adventures! Diving and mountain climbing are her favourite hobbies.


Valerie Yee (Teacher and Business Development Executive)

Teacher Valerie is the latest addition to our Curious family! With a Bachelor Degree in Human Resource Management and a minor in Psychology from the Singapore University of Social Sciences, she is both a certified Jolly Phonics teacher and an experienced tutor.

Teacher Valerie is passionate about children’s development and believes that with a nurturing and listening environment, children will be able to unleash their endless potential! She enjoys spending time with children as they remind her to take the simplest joys in life. In her free time, Teacher Valerie also volunteers with special needs children and disadvantaged youths in Singapore and Cambodia. She believes that every child should have ample opportunities to learn regardless of their background. She has also worked with organisations like AWWA and Beyond Social Services. In recognition of Teacher Valerie’s volunteerism spirit and her efforts to empower children of all background, she was awarded the SUSS Spirit Award and Best Interactor Award.


Here's what our students and parents have to say about our teaching

At Curious Thoughts, my son truly enjoys himself as the teachers help him to be engaged and involved! The teachers create a warm, friendly and conducive environment for learning, and the small class size ensures that my child receives sufficient attention and can have fun through learning. Since he has started lessons at Curious Thoughts, I have noticed that social and reading skills have improved a lot too!
— Guan Xuan’s Dad; Mok Kok Ngan (customer since January 2018)
Teacher Pearl & Teacher Lydia are very experienced teachers and are experts in Phonics education! They also have a lot of love for their students, and they make the lessons fun and stress-free for the children. They are attentive towards the development of my child and regularly update us about his progress. My son likes coming here and even misses coming to class! Since we started classes here, I noticed that he is able to show & tell better, has been more outspoken with strangers and his pronunciation is much better as well!
— Alphonsus’ Mum (customer since May 2018)
I sent my child to Curious Thoughts’ as I felt it would be good for my son to learn phonics and have fun. The teachers at Curious Thoughts’ are experts in the Jolly Phonics curriculum, and they are experienced as well! My son truly enjoys the lessons and the teachers here are very patient and engaging. Also, my son has been able to absorb the lessons well and I noticed that he has made much progress in his writing!
— Shaun’s Mom; Linda (customer since October 2017)
After Joshua has attended Curious Thoughts, he can pronounce sounds better, and can relate whenever I mention a certain sound. I like that this reinforces learning for my child. I believe strongly in the Jolly Phonics curriculum, and the interactive aspect of the class makes it such that my child will not get bored! The rapport that the teachers have with the children is also something that I appreciate at Curious Thoughts.
— Joshua’s Mum (customer since March 2018)
Attending Curious Thoughts has made Mai Anh a more inquisitive child - she is more keen to learn, and we’ve seen improvements in both her learning and spelling skills. The teachers are effective and take the time to form a close bond with the children! At times, the centre also hosts extracurricular events and they invite the children to such events, making the whole enrichment experience more interactive.
— Mai Anh’s Dad (customer since July 2018)