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Children's Day Carnival presented by Curious Thoughts & CO Wealth Advisory

  • Curious Thoughts Academy 51 Waterloo Street Singapore, 187969 Singapore (map)

★ Children’s Day Carnival Presented by Curious Thoughts Academy and CO Wealth Advisory ★ “Keeping Kids Curious!”

Register for this Carnival at and get up to 6 months of free enrichment classes!

Who should attend?

✓ Parents with children aged 2.5 to 7 years old
✓ Busy parents but with strong interest in helping their children excel in English (reading, writing and comprehension)
✓ Parents who are thinking of getting a savings plan for their child’s education

What does this Carnival comprise of?

✻ Free Popcorn
✻ Free Design-your-own Piggy Bank
✻ Free Trial classes (Phonics or P1 Prep Prog)
✻ Complimentary 6 months Child Personal Accident Insurance
✻ Get complimentary enrichment classes (up to 6 months) if you sign up for an education plan

About our classes

At Curious Thoughts Academy, we provide a through-train approach for English from preschool to secondary school. We use an Australian curriculum from Victoria Carlton Literacy Programme based in Perth. Victoria Carlton is known as the child whisperer in Australia and has taught many children with learning difficulties to read and write. Victoria Carlton’s literacy curriculum is thorough and well-researched and takes into account the multiple intelligences and learning styles of a child.

We complement Victoria Carlton’s learning principles with Singapore’s MOE Syllabus. This provides an effective learning environment that is fun yet structured.

What trial class can I sign my child up for?

A) STAR- P1 Preparation Programme

Our flagship programme is Victoria Carlton’s Students at Risk Targeted Intervention (STAR) Programme that helps children with reading difficulties to transition from pre-primary to primary school, helping them get ready for the MOE primary school syllabus.

Our Star (Primary 1 Preparation Prog) is a child-centred, comprehensive programme designed to help all children reach their full potential. Conducted by a former MOE English teacher with more than 10 years of teaching experience from SAP schools, it covers:

✻ Research-based strategies to help all children improve literacy outcomes,
✻ Assessment and ongoing evaluation of children’s literacy levels
✻ Curated reading materials for appropriate levels
✻ Teaching materials and games that are conducted to raise self-esteem and EQ
✻ Brain stimulation techniques

B) Reading is a Hoot! - Phonics Programme

In our Phonics Programme, we use the Jolly Phonics framework coupled with Victoria Carlton’s literacy curriculum.

Jolly Phonics is a fun and child centred approach to teaching literacy through synthetic phonics. There are actions assigned for each of the 42 letter sounds, using a multi-sensory approach. By breaking down letters to phonemic sounds, this helps children decode any word and provides them with a structures and systematic approach in learning to read.

Victoria Carlton’s literacy curriculum incorporates all the multiple intelligences and helps every child to flourish (you can check out our video here showing a typical lesson

1. Bodily-kinesthetic (body smart)

  • We use body movement in all our classes.
  • We move a lot from table to all around the class, be it to get materials or to pretend-play.

2. Interpersonal (people smart)

  • We act out scenes from books
  • We have interactive reading sessions where we ask questions and discuss the story in groups

3. Verbal-linguistic (word smart)

  • We read and discuss stories
  • We have rhymes and word games

4. Logical-mathematical (logic/ maths smart)

  • We play with puzzles in all our classes.
  • We incorporate counting and maths in our reading.

5. Intrapersonal (self-smart)

  • We have time outs for introspection
  • There is Quiet Time in the middle of the class and a time for reflection at the end of the lesson.

6. Visual-spatial (Visual/ picture smart)

  • We incorporate art into all our classes.
  • We play with puzzles in all our classes.

7. Musical (music smart)

  • We incorporate phonemic awareness in all our classes using songs and musical instruments.

8. Naturistic (Nature smart)

  • We have many pictures of nature in all our classes.
  • We role-play animals in our stories and body move

▹ 6-8 October 2017 (Friday to Sunday) | 9.30-5.30 pm | Curious Thoughts Academy, 51 Waterloo Street, #03-06, Singapore 187969

▹ Free

Main Trainers:
Mr. Yao Shuohan (for Star- P1 Prep Programme, aged 6-7 yrs old)
▹ Co-Founder and Principal of Curious Thoughts Academy
▹ Curious Thoughts Academy English Teacher for Primary and Secondary School
▹ Former MOE teacher of top SAP school
▹ B.A. (Hons), History and English, National University of Singapore
▹ Over 10 years of teaching experience for primary and secondary school students

Ms Lydia Lok (for Reading is Hoot- Phonics Programme, aged 2.5 to 6 yrs old)
▹ Co-Founder and Teacher of Curious Thoughts Academy
▹ Curious Thoughts Academy English Teacher for Preschool and Primary School
▹ B.Soc.Sc. (Hons), Political Science and English, National University of Singapore
▹ Certified Jolly Phonics trainer
▹ Over 8 years of teaching experience for preschool, primary and secondary school students