Our Mission

To provide quality education to all children, through experienced and well-trained teachers, via a thorough curriculum. 

Our Creed

(Adopted from Victoria Carlton's Creed) 

  • We believe teaching is a calling and therefore We will treat it as a sacred duty.
  • We believe all children are unique gifts from God and therefore we will treat them with honour, respect and kindness.
  • We believe every child can learn and therefore we will search for the unique learning keys for each child entrusted to me.
  • We believe children learn best in engaging, multisensory and relevant educational settings and therefore We will always provide the best possible learning environment.
  • We believe parents are the senior partners in our work and therefore we will listen carefully, heed their information, keep them informed and treat them with the greatest honour and respect.
  • We believe that children can grow and change and therefore we will not categorise, put into boxes and make quick judgements.
  • We believe all my teachers have the potential to teach with grace and love and therefore we will treat them gently, respectfully and provide leadership and the best possible model.

Our Students' Gallery

We love our children! Meet the team!