Our Approach

  • Jolly Phonics is proven to help children perform at a level at least 1 year ahead of their academic year level.
  • Jolly Phonics' reading skills will give your children an appreciation of quality literature, increase comprehension & fluency & lead children to a life-long love of reading!
  • We use Jolly Phonics and Jolly Grammar

Reasons why the Jolly Phonics framework is so powerful for learning

  • The Jolly Phonics program is the best literacy programme available as it is evidence based and research has shown that children who undergo this programme have a reading age that is 1 year ahead of their peers.
  • Each lesson involves the 5 basic skills of:  1) Learning the letter sounds, 2) Letter formation, 3) Blending, 4) Identifying sounds in words, 5) Tricky Words. We curate every single lesson to ensure all words are age-appropriate and decodable, ensuring that  reading is done in a systematic approach.