All Kids are SMART! - published by September 21

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All Kids are SMART! - published by September 21


This is a book by acclaimed Child Whisperer Victoria Carlton. 

I believe all kids ARE smart. I have spent over 30 years teaching children of all ages, cultures and in many varied settings, I have yet to meet a child who cannot learn. - Victoria Carlton

Unfortunately we tend to judge children against the convenient but inaccurate yardsticks of test results and maths and literacy progress.

We know from Howard Gardner’s research that we all have at least eight intelligences and that our cocktail of intelligences can change and grow as we interact with our environments and live our lives.

This book will show you how to grow each of your child’s intelligences in order to help them reach for the stars and help themselves to a better future.

Teachers have a special section but the information will also be informative for parents.

This book has chapters about:

  • What is intelligence?
  • What types of intelligence do we have?
  • The CARLTON MI SURVEYS so you can get an idea of the particular “cocktail” of intelligence your child has as well as your own special intelligence blend!
  • How can we build all our “smarts”?
  • How can parents provide emotionally intelligent home environments to nurture children, build intelligence and creativity?
  • What games, books and toys will help to build intelligence.
  • Strategies for teachers to use in classrooms to build potential
  • Best ways to build literacy and numeracy
  • How to improve concentration skills and much, much more!

We all need each other in this process as we ensure our children receive the very best education possible!

Enjoy reading and learning how to help all your children develop their full potential!

We get this book from September 21.

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