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Jolly Grammar  is a comprehensive 6 years program continues throughout the school years, by extending the earlier phonics teaching with further spelling, grammar and punctuation concepts. Children are taught the core concepts of grammar and punctuation, starting with simple age-appropriate definitions, which are gradually built on with each year of teaching. The teaching continues to be multi-sensory with actions and colour coding (fitting with Montessori) for parts of speech to help children develop their understanding of how language works. The systematic programme means children are given the tools that they need to independently write what they want clearly and with expression.

With spelling, punctuation and grammar (or SPaG) our literacy programme to go up to age 11. 

β€œThe systematic teaching of spelling, grammar, punctuation and vocabulary is evident in the students daily writing. They are able to recognize and use parts of grammar in their reading and writing.”

Jolly Grammar course content:

1) Introduction of Parts of Speech - Noun, Pronoun, Verb, Adjective, Adverb, Preposition & Conjunction.  

2) Types of Nouns - common, proper, concrete, abstract, collective, singular-plural.

3) Types of pronouns

4) Types of Adjectives, Adverbs etc

5) Types of verbs & "to be" verb etc.

6) Tenses

7) Parsing, Homophones, word pyramid, types of sentences

8) Apostrophe

9) Complexities of English Alphabetic Code

10) Detailed information on 20 Vowel sounds & 24 vowel sounds and 144 ways to writing these sounds.

11) Syllables & Syllabication rules. 

12) Root words, prefixes, suffixes & schwa sound.

13) Spelling strategies

14) Synonym and Antonymns

15) Onomatopoeia

16) Correlation of writing and grammar 

17) Stages of writing development & Proof reading

18) Correlation of grammar and comprehension

19) Types of comprehensions and detailed discussion of comprehension strategies. 

20) Lesson plan 

21) Presentation - by participants 

22) Assessment & Viva