Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is the teacher to student ratio?

We believe in small group teaching.

For preschool, our teacher to student ratio is 1:4.
For primary and secondary school, our teacher to student ratio is 1:10. 

2. What is the method of teaching?

We use our own curriculum to make it an interactive and fun lesson for all children. A mixture of games, drama, social experiments and other disciplines are used to convey a point. Different methods depend on the point the teacher wants to emphasise on for the English lesson that day. 

3. What is our track record?

We have been teaching for more than 10 years in both MOE schools and private lessons. We have helped many children improve tremendously both in learning to read as well as in their academic grades for English (from Cs to As). Please read our testimonials here.

4. What is the class attire for lessons?

Our students can wear their own clothes to lessons. We do not have a school uniform for our students. 

5. What is our centre’s make-up policy?

Students should complete their term of 8 lessons within 3 months.